Everything in the No-Prep School literacy units were created to make your day easier. Whether you are a parent homeschooling one special-needs child or a third grade classroom teacher responsible for thirty-two kids, this really is  A NO-PREP UNIT.

  • Use the POWERPOINT in a classroom and have your kids take turns reading each slide.
  • Use the VIDEO in homeschool and have your child work on their own. Or send the link to the video home to your classroom students to watch as homework.
  • PRINT the BLACK AND WHITE VERSION or have your students look at the FULL-COLOR VERSION on their computer.
  • Complete a section each day or twice a week.
  • There is even a final test.

One of the most-loved of my resources was always the fully narrated videos. I have gotten hundreds of emails thanking me for the narration because their child was behind in reading. Or they hated reading.  And having the narrated video where the kids could follow along and listen—because that’s how THAT child LEARNED BEST—was a life saver for them.

So even though I didn’t want to put them up for sale the narrated videos are included for free. So are the interactive online courses which all contain self-grading activities. You don’t have to buy ANY of my printables to get access to the bonus content, but the printables contain more information and more activities.

My guiding principle when making these units is periodic repetition. Learners will hear terms that might not be fully explained in THIS unit but will pop up later (over and over again) so that they realize the natural world is all connected.

I started making science curriculum back in 2007 under the name Simple Schooling and was a very successful curriculum publisher for several years. But then I started writing fiction books and I didn’t have time to keep up with it anymore.

Fiction turned out to be super successful for me. I wrote a New York Times bestseller and have been on the USA Today bestseller’s list twenty-one times for fourteen different books since 2014. I wrote a screenplay with my writing partner (who is also an actor and screenwriter in LA) and MGM Television has optioned five of my books for a TV series. I have been nominated several times for Voice Art and Audie Awards (It’s like the Emmy’s for audiobooks!) since 2016. I even wrote and produced two online courses on writing and marketing for authors. I probably won’t make or write any more courses for adults but I *might* take on high school students interested in fiction writing for private instruction in the future. If you have a teenager interested in something like that pleases feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

But I never set out to be a writer and science has always been my first love. Since I had more than 200 Simple Schooling printables and online courses just sitting on my old website, I decided to take them back out, update them all for 2018, and put them back on sale.

I will be releasing them periodically. Hopefully one a week until I run out of old units to update, then maybe once a month when I have to write new ones.

I hope you all find my units to be carefully crafted and easy to use. My goal is to make YOUR DAY easier.

Thanks for your trust and your purchase and please review the product where you purchased it if you have time. I’d really appreciate that.

If you have a question you can use this form or feel free to leave a comment on the page your question pertains to. Comments are moderated and must be approved so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away. I will see it.