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No-Prep School has an active Facebook page. This IS THE ONLY PLACE I will announce FLASH FREEBIES.

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That’s where you are right now. Every Saturday we post something free. It can be an online course or a seasonal printable or anything in between. To follow us here means we will automatically send you an email every time we put up a post. Just fill out the form below and follow the instructions sent to your email.

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This is different than getting blog posts by email. The newsletter is only sent out once a week and is one of ONLY TWO PLACES where you can get our current SECRET FREEBIE – which is exactly what it sounds like.  A SECRET FREEBIE is included in one product each month. The products are for sale in our store over at Teachers Pay Teachers. Not every product has one, that’s why it’s a secret. (But here’s a hint – the product that has the Secret Freebie will always be priced UNDER $5.) If you just want us to give you the secret freebie you can sign up for the NEWSLETTER and then all you gotta do is click the link. (Another added BONUS to signing up for the newsletter is that you get a free resource pack worth $9,99 over at TPT).

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The last way to follow us is at TPT. This is a HUGE online store that sells teaching resources. If you follow us there you will be notified of new products, flash sales, and upcoming units. This is the best way to follow if you’re more interested in the PREMIUM RESOURCES and not the freebies. (I do have freebies over there, but TPT discourages large freebies, so they are all 10 pages or less.)

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